Erosion Control
Worker blows mulch through hose.
The Federal Highway Administration is charged with building, repairing and maintaining roads and roadsides in our national parks. This site on the Blue Ridge Parkway in NC used approximately 320 lineal feet of 12" FiltrexxTM Filtersoxx and 4840 square yards of Filtrexx Lockdown netting and a seeded compost blanket as a slope stabilization system in conjunction with a grass seed mix and dead stakes.

A manlift was used to help install some of the compost, and part of the slope was accessed by workers rappelling from the top. This slope was 1/2:1 in some areas.

We installed a mixture of aggregate and compost and seed for the shoulders, as well as seeded compost Ditch Chexx TM in the ditches.

lick here to be linked to articles which have been written in Stormwater, Land & Water, and Public Roads about our project on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Read more about our Blue Ridge Parkway Project in Public Roads Magazine at
and in Stormwater Magazine at
and in Biocycle Magazine (October 2002) at (note: you will need to have Netscape to down load this pdf.)
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