Erosion Control
Worker blows mulch through hose.
A section of Bear Rock Road was washed away with part of the mountainside during the storms that were the aftermath of Hurricane Frances. A nearby house was just barely spared. The USDA EWP program provided funds for repair. Soil Nail Launcher was contracted to rebuild the road and stabilize this bank. After several unsuccessful attempts to hydroseed this very steep slope, Carolina Mulch Plus, Inc. was contracted to apply compost Filtersoxx and a Terraseeded TM compost blanket. Workers rappelled from a winch mounted on top of the blower truck down this slope which is .5:1 in most places.

Filtersoxx were placed at the bottom of the retaining wall to absorb the velocity of runoff from the road and packed into gullies where severe erosion had occurred, and a 2" average depth Terraseeded TM compost blanket was installed with a fescue seed blend. A total of 8208 square feet of compost blanket and 68 feet of 12" Filtersoxx were used. The day after installation, a heavy storm with 2"/hour rains pummeled the slope, but not a particle of compost appeared to have moved out of place, again proving compost blanket's ability to stabilize immediately, prior to vegetation establishment. The seed lay dormant on this north facing slope for ten weeks until conditions became right for germination.

Ten weeks post installation
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